About me


Who is Lu?  

An ever changing thought,   pictures before my eyes, feelings…

Describing myself with words is so hard.

I guess my pictures can speak for me better than I can.


The world is a wonderful place, hidden behind peoples’ worries and fears.


A half-forgotten dream we dream all the time.


Photography  for  me  is  a  way  to  reveal  the  wonder,  to  show  what  is  often  so  hard  to  see  and  yet  so near.  To  invoke  the  magic  which  is  still  around  us.  A  way  to  share  beauty,  freedom  and  light.


Many of us go here and there constantly.  We try to look, but we rarely manage to stop and see anymore.  We have forgotten how to feel the present moment – naked, raw, and utterly beautiful.


If I can make someone see that through my pictures, even for an instant… if I can make you say “is this true?”, “do such things really exist?”, then my art has meaning. Then it truly helps.